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River Bend Staff & Board of Directors Last updated: February 17, 2017

Regular Staff

Breanna Wheeler, Executive Director
wheeler [at]

Amber Brossard, Education Coordinator
brossard [at]

Emily Greger, Public Program Coordinator
greger [at]

Denise Boulay, Administrative Coordinator
admincoord [at]

Katie Elam, Environmental Educator
elam [at]

Kara Johnson, Environmental Educator
johnson [at]

Elsa Litecky, Environmental Educator
litecky [at]

Stephanie Rathsack, Environmental Educator
rathsack [at]

Karen David, Receptionist
david [at]

*Note: Email addresses of staff are written out to prevent bots from combing through this page for our email addresses. To email us change the "[at]" to an "@" and remove the spaces.

Board of Directors

10 to 15 members with collective policy-setting authority

Steve Underdahl, President/City Council Liaison
Dustin Simpson, Vice President
Matt Carlander, Treasurer
Cody VanDerVeen, Secretary

Penny Hillemann
Tim Madigan
Nalani McCutcheon
Dirk Peterson
Paul Stegmeir
Elizabeth Wright
Wendy Wustenberg

River Bend Staff & Board of Directors


General Contact Information

Email: rbncinfo [at]

Telephone: 507.332.7151
Fax: 507.332.0656

Mailing Address: PO Box 186, Faribault, MN 55021-0186
Street Address: 1000 Rustad Road, Faribault, MN 55021

« Our mission is to help people discover, enjoy, understand, and preserve the incredible natural world that surrounds us. »
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PO Box 186, 1000 Rustad Rd, Faribault, MN 55021-0186 USA
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