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1 Lifelong Learning: Ceramic Making
15 OWLS: Minnesota Rocks
21-26 Rice County Fair - We're in the Conservation Bldg!

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River Bend News & Notes

Evening on the Prairie Thank You

Thank you to our guests for attending the Evening on the Prairie event on Thursday. We had beautiful weather, cooling breezes from the prairie, and great food and entertainment. Thank you to Douglas Wood for providing story and song.

Found a Hurt/Orphaned/Baby Animal? Here's what to do!

First of all, River Bend can not take in animals of any kind. We are not licensed wildlife rehabilitators. Our expertise is in nature education not wildlife medicine.

In virtually all cases, River Bend encourages anyone who finds an injured, "orphaned," or baby animal to leave it where found, protect it from children and domestic pets, and let nature take its course (after all, injured, sick, and young animals are all very important in the food chain). Many wild babies, especially deer and rabbits, are often mistaken for being orphaned when they are not. Wild animals should not be handled with bare hands, treated like pets, given food or water, or taken indoors, except under the direction of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota is the only real wildlife rehab facility in the area and they are available for animal questions call 651-486-9453. They also have a very helpful frequently asked questions page on their website to help guide you in what to do.

If you have found an injured raptor (bird of prey: owls, hawks, eagles, falcons), the University of Minnesota Raptor Center is the only rehabilitation center for these types of birds in the area or call 612-624-4745. It is unlawful to possess live or dead raptor specimens. Rehabilitiation of migratory birds requires a permit from the US Fish & Wildlife Service and a MN DNR permit.

River Bend at the Rice County Fair

River Bend will be at the Rice County Fair again this year. Find us in the Conservation Building. We'll have River Bend info, activities/games for the kids, and volunteers to answer your burning River Bend questions. Stop by and say hello!

Also, if you'd like to volunteer to staff our fair booth during one or more of our two-hour shifts, please contact Amber Brossard to express your interest (507.332.7151 or amber@rbnc.org).


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